You sir, are a bad scientist!
Welcome to the home of Geek Lolita. We're still working on the website and hope to have a full shopping site ready soon. For now, our Etsy shop and Square Store can fill requests until our website is complete. We will continue adding some of our amazing items to Etsy and Square as we are able. Check out our epic selections on Etsy and be sure to favorite the shop to stay updated with the latest phenomenal products!


Geek Lolita/Brass Bobbin on Square

We're back to live events! Come see us in person:

Keep an eye on out Instagram for updates about upcoming shows: Geek Lolita

--Geek Lolita Mask Filter Pattern--

Did you just buy a Geek Lolita mask? Download the filter pattern HERE.
(Make sure to print at 100% or the size will be off.)

Current and upcoming products!

Here's a few photos of what you can find in our stores and what's coming soon